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of reading destiny from the
Four Elements

Everything in life is energy, Qi as the Chinese sages called it, constantly moving in cycles of change that influence all life on Earth. These cycles affect not only matter including our bodies, but also our minds, thoughts and emotions. They also play a role in events, determining their probability as well as their tendency of outcome; in short, what we call Luck.

The ancient sages knew of these cycles and encoded them into their traditional ways of reading time. They also established profound disciplines for tuning in to the different cycles, making it possible to get very accurate information of people’s character as well as the luck they could expect throughout different periods of their life. It was a way to effectively reveal one’s destiny and help him/her play it out to their best possible benefit .

Bazi is one of the most accessible of these disciplines, and now YOU have the opportunity to gain this knowledge and bring this amazing method into your life. Learn its fascinating but logical principles, and unveil your  destiny and that of your loved ones, friends, clients or colleagues.

A Bazi chart consists of four 'pillars' with units  called Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, which arise from the Five elements and the yin-yang concept. By studying the positions of the elements and their interactions the person’s destiny opens right before your eyes.

This includes character traits, aptitudes for certain work, relationship dynamics and more. A chart can show our strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to focus on enhancing one and diminishing the other. We can also discover latent potential to unlock, as well as work with time.    By observing the fluctuations of our time luck pillars, we see the highs and lows not only of our past but most importantly, for any time in the future. This precious awareness can be of benefit in our work, health, relationships, personal growth and our aspirations, enabling us to make more informed choices, be better prepared to sidestep challenges and take advantage of incoming positive energy to manifest success in our  goals.

We can now have an active role in our fate and luck.

The course
Bazi is an ancient Chinese system for reading destiny. Although described as astrology, it is based not on calculating planetary movements but on the Five elements in the birthdate. This fascinating discipline can accurately reveal the personality, tendencies, aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses of a person, as well as foretell favourable and unfavourable periods in their life, health, romance, career and so on. Bazi is very useful to help understand oneself and how to make the best of our attributes. It is also ideal for holistic practitioners and Feng Shui consultants as it can provide precious insighst for effective consultations.

Courses in this ancient system are few and far between. Kris Attard is now teaching this amazing discipline which he himself has been using and researching for several years. You will learn:

 What Bazi is and how it relates to the unfolding of ife
  How to read a person’s destiny
  Discover which elements are favourable and which are not
  Interpret chart events such as Special Stars, Clashes and Combinations  
   Observe the ebb and flow of your luck, and predict positive or challenging luck periods at any point in future

The course  features detailed slide presentations, and students get to work on their own chart and that of famous personalities. This is normally a 3 or 4 full day course, but is currently preparing to convert this also to the handy online format so one can study in the comfort of home..

Who is it for?

The course is for anyone intrigued by life. It is as ideal for the mildly curious as it is for the metaphysical or personal growth students, holistic practitioners, or Feng Shui consultants. No experience is necessary, but after the course you will be directed to use recommended software.  While the course teaches the traditional method of casting a chart, we will focus mostly on using specialised software, since this offers many advantages for more detailed chart analysis.

You will not look at your life and your circumstances in the same way, and Bazi gives you the key to decode your destiny and that of your friends and your loved ones.

Here is an interview with Kris Attard on Bazi by Nina Mueller.
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