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Exploring life and our self through the metaphysics
of nature's forms

What do we have in common with cats, seashells, galaxies, tornadoes and daffodils?
What defines beauty in the mind?
How can we experience forces that shape and form the universe itself?
What secrets do ancient buildings and works of art hold within their structures?
How can we create or draw objects that have an effect on the mind and consciousness itself?

These are some of the questions we seek to answer in this workshop. You are invited to a intriguing exploration of the blueprints of life!

What is Sacred Geometry?   Plato defined it as “ knowledge of the eternally existent”. Since early civilization, humans recognised a oneness in nature and the universal forces that governed it, and came to realise that at the core of life, with all its manifestations and diversity, there lay certain core fundamentals. These fundamentals, which were both archetypal forces as well as laws governing the interaction and manifestation of these forces, were expressed in numbers, sounds, forms and symbols.Because it was understood that these archetypal elements and relationships were essentially the blueprint of life itself, God’s drawing-board as it were, they came to be regarded as sacred. The principles were inseparably woven into art, architecture and spiritual practises.

This knowledge also gave rise to what today we know as mathematics and the sciences. However, with time a lot of the core concepts were forgotten as our minds became more rational and less intuitive, and subsequently ended up as esoteric lore. These ‘lost’ principles were a science in themselves, one not dealing with empirical laws, but those of energy, consciousness and holistic resonance. Sacred Geometry offers us the chance to revive this wealth of awareness about our nature and life itself. Its principles can be useful to us whether we are engaged in art, designing buildings, healing people, making technology more efficient or nurturing environment.

This SACRED GEOMETRY Workshop offers you the chance to get a fascinating introduction of this ancient science that holds such potential for our modern times. It consists of
  • theory, supported with a visual collection of slides
  • meditation exercises on some of the forms in order to tune in to their essence
  • hands-on drafting practice on paper to manifest and understand the forms  geometrically

You will see the world with fresh eyes, and develop new ways of understanding reality.

(+356) 9944 4106
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