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The following is a selection of BioGeometry items which we often carry in stock. If you are registering for a course and you wish to buy some other items apart from the essential tools, email us and if it is in stock we can add it to your package. This is ideally done before submitting course payment so you can pay the correct amount rather than having to pay a second transfer, although this is also possible.

NOTE: At the moment we are concetrating on stocking essential tools for students in our trainings, hence many of the items below are not in stock. Please email us to check what is in stock or not before sending for any items, If we do not have stock we will happily direct you to certified BioGeometry Retailers in your area.

L-90 pendant (New 5G  version) in sterling silver

Simple in form yet a very powerful protective jewellery. In his book BioGeometry Signatures, Dr. Karim refers to the L-90  as "the most potent of the protective shapes.. The L-90 combines several BioGeometry forming principles to create a field of natural energy-balancing qualities and works to balance negative emotional disturbance, thus enhancing psychic protection.The L-90 will protect the emotional level from any intrusion from elemntal entities or magical practices."  This new version has also been re-designed in its proportions so as to be effective also against 5G emisions. Can be worn on its own but it also works particularly well also when worn withthe Biosignatures medallion. Does not need clearing. Use your own cord or chain.  €45
BIOSIGNATURES MEDALLION (New 5G  version) in sterling silver

BioSignatures, a special branch of BioGeometry, are precisely constructed linear diagrams that have the same geometric resonant configurations as specific vital energy patterns within the organs in the body. They are similar to the Chinese peripheral energy meridians, but are related to the energy flow within the organs, which play a major role in “forming” the organs’ functions. The BioSignature products, contain a wide range of BioSignatures in special configurations that when worn close to the body become activated by the body’s peripheral energy being channeled through them (in a manner similar to electricity activating the circuits on a computer chip). The activated BioSignatures then resonate (like musical notes vibrating in resonance) with the corresponding energy patterns in the organs of the body; causing a harmonic amplification that clears subtle energy blockages and restores proper flow and qualitative balance within the functions of the corresponding body organs. While this medallion offers significant EMF protection, now also re-designed against 5G radiation, it is recommended to wear an L90 pendant alongside the general BioSignatures for added protection.The medallion comes with a BioGeometry clearing tray which it must be placed on for about 10 minutes daily to remove energetic impregntion. The pendant has a diameter of around 3.7 cm. *Chain not included. €199

BIOSIGNATURES RING (New 5G  version) in sterling silver

A similar item to the above but in an elegant and eye-catching ring form., offering similar Biosignatures and benefits including 5G. Also comes with the charging tray for daily clearing. €115
L-90 silver pendant
Mobile phone harmonization chip (adhesive)

The cellphone harmonization sticker chip has always been one of the most popular items, and with good reason for it uses the powerful of BioGeometry principles to harmonize the energy interaction between the phone's electro-magnetic fields and your body's own energy field, and in so doing help offset the harmful effects of mobile radiation on your being both during use and when carrying the phone or it is in your proximity. Now this is the NEW latest version, re-designed by Dr. Karim in line with the modern increase in EMF radiation. The design incorporates special forms in the frame as well as the four biosignatures, which relate to dehydration (a very prevalent effect from EMF exposure)m ears, bronchi and a Biosignature which addresses electro-smog. Just stick it onto the back of your phone, and once a day place it for a couple of minutes on the gold coloured energy clearing tray which is provided so as to clear the impregnated energies and recharge the chip.  €38
Biosignatures Car Strip

Modern cars are replete with electronics, including screen, bluetooth, GPS or even the electric motors built into the seats. This is particularly the case with electric cars due to the emissions from the  massive battery. The Car Strip is specially designed to help support a healthy energetic environment in your car by counter-acting the various EMF emissions. It is metal and has a seld adhesive back so it can be fixed to the dashboard of your car. Comes in a convenient cloth carrying bag so you can also use a strip when flying especially if seated in window seat (iin this case you do not use the adhesive). Does not need clearing due to the vibration of the car. €38
Wi-Fi sticker - 2 pairs

Although Wi-Fi has become the accepted norm for internet in homes, offices and establishments, various studies  (example) have shown that constant exposure to its radiation poses health risks. In several studies (example),simple BioGeometry interventions of form and angle have been demonstrated to counter-act this effect and be effective against the detrimental impact of Wi-Fi on humans and animals. The "L" Stickers superimpose the natural energy-balancing quality of BioGeometry onto electro-magnetic fields. The “L” WiFi sticker is composed of an angle, which alongside the L90 is recommended for wireless devices (one each per device). This harmonizes the interaction of those fields with the body's energy structure, and Qualitative Environmental Energy Exchange Balance is maintained.€9.25

Djed-Wadj Emitter Pendulum - wood

One of the early BioGeometry items which is extremely popular. As you will learn in Foundation, the Djed-Wadj is based in its design on two ancient Egyptian sceptres, the Djed of Osiris and Ptah, and the Wadj of Sekhmet. Each of these sceptres had its own particular energetic qualities, as evidenced by the Neters it is associated with, and the combination of the two results an emission of BG3 from the pendulum and a synergy of masculine and feminine energies. Made of light wood 14cm long, Due to its flat base, the Djed-Wadj can be placed on a photo and will transmit BG3 to that person. €44
L-90 stickers - 5 pairs

One of the BioGeometry applications in the home is energetic balancing of mirrors and windows. The L-90 stickers help harmonize incoming fields of energy from the windows especially on the Vitality and Emotional Levels. In the case of mirrors, they can harmonize the disturbing effect which mirrors can have on the body's energy field due to their inversion of polarity. Hard transparent plastic so once backing paper is removed and they are fixed, they become inconspicious. €14.50

L-66 stickers - 5 pairs

The L-66 Stickers are ideal for electrical energy balancing. They superimpose the natural energy-balancing quality of BioGeometry onto electro-magnetic fields, which harmonizes the interaction of those fields with the body’s energy structure and Qualitative Environmental Energy Exchange Balance is maintained. It is recommended that the Electrical Energy Balancing “L” Stickers be placed on all electrical appliances in the home. They are also useful on electrical socket and switches. Hard transparent plastic so once backing paper is removed and they are fixed, they become inconspicious. €14.50


These items are addressed in the advanced training, and due to the skill they require for correct use, are only available to students who have done the advanced training, or are registered students on an advanced trainming.
BG28 disk

A small but highly potent tool with various advanced applications in BioGeometry. In particular, when mounted on the body of the horizontal pendulum without its dials it becomes a very powerful tool for energetic cleansing. Its correct practical use is taught in the advanced training. Available only to advanced students. €12

Brain Stands

An advancement on the original Brain Stands developed by Dr. Karim to generate synergy between the left and right brain hemiopheres. These stands do just that and more, being also strong BG3 and BG28 emitters. They are equipped with dials which enable setting to correct imbalances or other calibration, and also come with two BG28 disks which can be used with them. A fascinating item that will be addressed in the advanced course. Only available to advanced students. €160

Space Harmonizer Stand

Using the BG28 disk (included), this stand is a tol used in the Home Balancing Practitioner program which is useful for harmonization of spaces. It should however not ideally be used in the same space as the Home Kit cube.  Available only to advanced students. €151

Material Balancing Wheel

A fascinating tool whose use is taught in the advanced training. Samoples taken from a house can be placed in the holes, using the Foundation Training BG16 technique for finding the exact placement. With correct placement, the sample will radiate BG3 and through the principle of resonance, the source they were taken from will also radiate BG3. €110   Available only to advanced students.

Sub-Plane Correcting Card

A plexi-glas card that is used in a technique to clear the sub-planes, as taught in the advanced training. Made of hard plexiglas and playing card size so it can be used on the Humabn Archetype Ruiler as well as easily in the wallet for personal use. €13.50   Available only to advanced students.

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