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BIOGEOMETRY is an exciting subject that deals with energy and shape, in particular on creating harmonious qualities in our life through using nature's own language of form and shape. The work of Dr Ibrahim Karim over 45 years, BioGeometry brings together ancient wisdom from the once secret temple sciences and the spiritual science that underlies all traditions, together with more modern knowledge and research.
Ibrahim Karim
Besides being a fascinating exploration of the mechanisms of life with its various energy interactions, BioGeometry gives you a very practical set of skills that will benefit you and your loved ones. Amongst other things, you will learn how to
- measure beneficial energies, detect and protect from detrimental ones
- energetically balance rooms and spaces
- harmonise and energically cleanse your food and drink
- help protect against electro-magnetic radiation and 5G, effectively transmuting it
- use Biosignature patterns on self and others, locally or at a distance,  to help
 maintain health and balance
- learn vibrational radiesthesia pendulum skills
- measure personal wavelength, determine what is good for you, what isn't
- measure resonance between objects, people, etc
- create harmonious qualities in any design, be it a logo or a house, through
 simple laws of the language of nature
- Detect earth energies and geopathic stress and transmute its effects
- energetically balance spaces and objects by merely using small coloured dots
- and more!

BioGeometry combines solid theory with very practical techniques that are nothing short of amazing, and certainly very useful in today's world with the multiple stressors that surround us!
Many research studies have borne out BioGeometry's potential in alleviating stress and restoring well-being.  
In a national study in Egypt, BioGeometry achieved startling results in addressing Hepatitis C when compared with pharmaceutical drugs.
 In 2004, Dr. Karim was named Man of the Year by Swiss newspapers for successfully neutralizing the detrimental impact residents of Hemberg and Hirschberg were facing from a strong mobile antenna in the village. This was a government organised project, and the results (left) speak for themselves.
  Several agricultural studies showed how simple BioGeometrical wooden forms could enhance crops growth, even in salt water, without any use of pesticides.
  Similar studies on livestock have shown dramatic improvement in growth and mortality without the use of growth hormones or anti-biotics.
In 2014, a laboratory study showed stressed rats had higher levels of serotoninh restored by a BioGeometry form in the cage than by certain pharmaceutical drugs.
Two recent studies in Egyptian Universities have demonstrated damaging effects of WiFi on brains of rats, while BioGeometry interventions nullified these effects.

“Dr. Ibrahim Karim provides extremely valuable and rare insights into subtle energy. He has developed a “science of shape” and a “physics of quality” which have applications in modern technology, medicine, architecture and many other aspects of our lives”
.- Dr. Claude Swanson, Ph.D. Physicist Princeton, author of The Synchronized Universe and Life Force: A Scientific Basis

BioGeometry appeals to anyone fascinated to learn about the true nature of life, and more importantly,  to learn how to harmonize the spaces they and their loved ones live and work in,  against electro-magnetic radiation, 5G, geopathicf stress and so on. The methods are easy yet highly effective. Kris' trainings attract people from all walks of life, from home-makers and students, to professionals. Some people who also stand to benefit from BioGeometry:

Students of metaphysical or spiritual philosophies
Architects and designers who can produce work which interacts harmoniously with the user on deep levels of being.
Therapists, healers, Feng Shui consultants etc, who can add a powerful transcendental layer of harmonization to their methods
 Essentially anyone interested in their well-being and others around them.
BioGeometry is a course which will give you more than  just information. You will open your eyes to a new way of understanding this world of energy and its rich interactions which we call life. More importantly, it gives you ways of neutralizing the increasing stress factors impinging on it from electro-magnetic radiation, geopathic stress, emotional disturbances and everyday stress, and bringing in the energy qualities of harmony which will have a real impact upon you and your loved one, and those around you.

Download a brochure from below, and feel free to contact Kris if you want to chat about BioGeometry and see what it can give you!
Download BioGeometry Foundation Training brochure. This is the classic live attendance workshops over 6 days organised in different countries. See Calendar for details of my next course.
Download BioGeometry Online Foundation Training brochure. The Online training is spread over 19 days, and is done from your own home. See Calendar for details of my next online course.
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